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Welcome to the Webweaver's Maze

The Webweaver by Micheal Whelan
Webweaver by Michael Whelan
You have visited a great deal of the world of Mysteria, and have explored Darius's Keep from top to bottom. You thought you have seen all there is to see, then you notice a castle has appeared on the world map.

Intrigued, you follow it and arrive in a dark room. At first you don't notice her sitting there upon the floor. Her hair a soft brown, her dark eyes watching you silently...waiting.

Feeling a little awkward, you introduce yourself, and she smiles at your fine manners. With a graceful wave of her hand she invites you to join her.

You settle yourself down upon the ornately woven rug, and wait patiently for her to finish her sewing...or is it sewing?

Finely spun threads stretch from the ceiling to the floor all around her, and then it occurs to you, she is like a spider in a web. The thought startles you a bit, and a cold chill runs down your spine..

"You have nothing to fear from me stranger.." She begins in her hypnotically husky voice. "I am the weaver of the strands of life, all who live in Mysteria are represented here.."

She is motioning towards the web you noticed moments ago. Curiosity demands that you ask, "How can you be the weaver of life, are not the gods that?"

"Who do you think gave me such power." She replies simply, and you suddenly realize that this must certainly be true. For who else has that power to bestow on this simple woman.

Confused and feeling a little foolish, you sit silently not knowing what else to say or to ask for that matter. Seeming to sense your discomfort, the webweaver begins to explain.

"Our lives are like a spiders web, each event that occurs in them, weaves another strand into the tapestry. If you are given a choice of three things, then the one you pursue will be the thread that is chosen. No two paths are the same, just as no two spider webs are alike. Each life is a composite of good and bad choices, all spun into a web of interconnecting destinies. Your choices influence not only your life, but the lives of those you come in contact with." She pauses and looks at you intently, "Do you understand now?"

"I think so." you reply simply, your head spinning with possiblities.

"This is a maze of destiny, the path you chose through it is like the one you chose in life. No two stories created will be the same. And at your journeys end, you will find a find your destiny.

You take a deep breath, you know the time for your first decision is upon you. Looking at her for guidance she points to the door located below. Then she says, "The maze begins there, go weave a fabulous tale of adventure, and when you reach the end, you will recieve an award for your valient effort."

With that she says no more. Now the choice is up to you, do you enter the door? Or do you use the magic directory to continue your exploration of Mysteria.

Choose Wisely.....

Enter here to Find your Destiny!

The Webweaver's Maze opened on August 22nd, 1999. Was moved to new domain on January 15th, 2000.

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